TaxFilr is a product registered under E-Pro TaxFilr Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, as per the Companies Act of 2013. It is one of India's leading providers of taxes e-filed professionally and a business consulting services platform. We started in the year 2009 with a group of Chartered Accountants, Tax Lawyers and other Specialists. Our team has been dedicated to simplifying tax affairs for individuals and businesses. What sets us apart is our commitment to making tax filings effortlessly convenient, offering expert solutions, and providing ongoing support from scrutiny to year-round tax advisory assistance.

What we do

At TaxFilr, we understand the complexities of the Indian tax landscape and strive to simplify the process for individuals and businesses alike. Our team of experienced tax professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive and accurate tax filing services tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our Commitment

At TaxFilr Tax Services our foundation is built on 5 main principles: trust, service, honesty, integrity and education. These 5 principles are what we live by. We have earned outstanding customer reviews and amazing results for our clients. If we don’t save you money or rework your payments, you get your money back – guaranteed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer Fast, Accurate and Affordable professional services to our clients and to enhance our client's recognition and bring loyalty to our company. We specialize in planning tax-effective strategies to legally minimize your tax situation, accomplished through the following measures

Maintain accurate client information, records and documentation.

Professional, yet personal service from an experienced team.

General advice to clients on taxation matters across a broad spectrum of activities.

Ongoing consultation and adapting to the changing needs of clients' circumstances.

Efficient collection of information to prepare annual tax return for lodgment with India Taxation office.

Utilize necessary software to maintain client records in an electronic format creating ease of use and portability.

Regular updates to legislative change.

Welcome to TaxFilr! Make income tax return filing in India a breeze through our hassle-free Pro e-filing solution.


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Why Us

We are experienced

and we offer our clients personalized quality service in a professional and friendly manner.

We are responsive

and proactive when it comes to saving your taxes. We are committed to getting every possible penny you deserve in a legal way. Tired of handing over your money? Call now, We can Help.

We are your partner

in relieving the stress and confusion associated with tax returns. We provide peace of mind, assuring you that your payroll and tax affairs are not just up to date and accurate but also delivered on time. Experience a new era of hassle-free tax management with TaxFilr.

Our clients include employees of companies filing through us.

Our growth story begins from...


TaxFilr Inception || A vision was born in 2009 with a goal of playing a significant role in the evolving landscape of professional tax services in India. Founded by a dynamic team of tax experts, our company's beginning was defined by a commitment to excellence and a passion for unparalleled tax solutions.


Market Entry || TaxFilr officially entered the market, beginning to offer its products or services to customers. Marketing and sales efforts were intensified to create awareness and attract the first set of clients.


Early Challenges and Learning || Every company faces challenges. In this period, we navigated through obstacles, learned from experiences, and made adjustments to our business model or strategies.


Seed Funding || TaxFilr commenced team onboarding in the year when the seed funding was secured, marking a pivotal step in the company's growth.


Web Launch || Launching our website marked a transformative moment in our growth story, expanding our digital footprint and ensuring global accessibility.


Onboarding key Personnel || With diverse expertise and a shared vision for innovation, the newly onboarded management team brings a wealth of experience to steer TaxFilr through its next phase of expansion.


First Corporate Assignments || TaxFilr reached a milestone securing corporate contracts with leaders like Idea Cellular, E-centric Solutions, BirlaSoft, Gland Pharma, Aurobindo Pharma, and Quess. These partnerships highlight TaxFilr's expertise in comprehensive employee tax planning, TDS, payroll management, and efficient tax return filing services.


First Recruitment || TaxFilr achieved a pivotal milestone by meeting its inaugural recruitment goal, strategically expanding operational capacities and enhancing service offerings through the assembly of a dedicated and skilled team.


Expanded services to new cities || Originating in Bangalore, our growth story took a significant turn as we expanded our services to major cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad.


Hit the 10,000-client milestone! || Hitting 10,000 clients is a pivotal moment in our growth story. We celebrate this milestone, reflect on the trust placed in us, and eagerly anticipate continued innovation and growth in serving even more clients.


Market leadership and recognition || Through consistent performance and customer satisfaction, TaxFilr has established a renowned reputation for excellence in its industry. The recognition of TaxFilr's services has extended nationwide this year.


Technological Integration || As technology evolved, the company embraced innovations to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and stay competitive. This could include adopting new software, digital platforms, or other technological advancements.


Product/Service Development || The management team invested significant time in crafting TaxFilr's core products or services. Research, design, and testing were crucial during this phase to ensure a market-ready offering.


Incorporation || On 4th July 2023, The company was officially established. This involved fulfilling all legal requirements, registering with the appropriate authorities, and defining the company structure and objectives.


Mobile Application Launch || During the thrilling launch phase of our mobile application, we embarked on a mission to redefine convenience and accessibility for users on both Android and iPhone platforms.

Meet the Team

Shiv Bolla


Tapasya Sharma


Kishan Kanodia


Manasa Mamillapalli

Sr. Tax Analyst

Ramesh D

Sr. Tax Manager

Venkatesh G

Sr. Tax Manager


What Our Client are Saying

Efficient and Timely Service

Efficient and Timely Service. I am impressed with the efficiency of their TDS return filing service. The team ensured timely submissions, and the process was smooth from start to finish.


Expertise Beyond Expectations

Expertise Beyond Expectations. TaxFilr’s TDS return filing service demonstrated a level of expertise that exceeded my expectations. The team's knowledge and attention to detail were commendable.


Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy. Reliability is key when it comes to financial matters. I found their TDS return filing service to be highly reliable and trustworthy. It's a service I can count on.


Seamless E-filing Experience

Seamless E-filing Experience. The e-filing process for TDS returns was seamless. Their user-friendly interface and expert assistance made the entire experience hassle-free.


Professional Guidance Throughout

Professional Guidance Throughout. What stood out for me was the professional guidance provided throughout the TDS return filing process. The team ensured I understood every step, making it a transparent and smooth journey.


Top-notch Customer Service

Top-notch Customer Service. Customer service is often overlooked, but not here. Their TDS return filing service comes with top-notch customer support. Quick responses and clear communication make them stand out.


Prompt and Accurate Filings

Prompt and Accurate Filings. Promptness and accuracy are crucial in tax matters. I experienced both with their TDS return filing service. It's a reliable service for anyone seeking timely and precise filings.


Thorough and Meticulous Approach

Thorough and Meticulous Approach. Their approach to TDS return filing is thorough and meticulous. I appreciated the attention to detail, ensuring that all aspects were covered for a comprehensive filing.


User-Friendly and Efficient

User-Friendly and Efficient. Their TDS return filing service is not only efficient but also user-friendly. The online process was straightforward, and the team's guidance made it a breeze.


Peace of Mind with Their Service

Peace of Mind with Their Service. Filing TDS returns can be daunting, but their service provides peace of mind. From start to finish, I felt confident in their expertise, making the process stress-free.


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