Section 115JD: A Guide to Balancing Tax Obligations

Introduction: One of the Indian Government’s main revenue streams stems from taxes paid by individuals, companies, and other entities. In efforts to curb tax evasion and foster compliance, the government offers various exemptions and deductions to taxpayers. Nevertheless, a handful of companies have exploited these provisions, effectively becoming zero-tax entities. Therefore, to deal with this […]

Everything You Need to Know About Section 92E

Introduction: Companies engaged in specific international or domestic transactions must comply with the rules set out in Section 92E of the Income Tax Act. These regulations are compulsory for associated enterprises, and various criteria determine whether their transactions fall within the aforementioned categories. Therefore, multinationals operating in India should be familiar with the rules and […]

Section 234A: Interest on Late Filing

Introduction: The Income Tax Act has prescribed specific deadlines for filing of income tax returns each year in section 139. Failure to comply with these deadlines may result in legal consequences Failure to comply with income tax laws may incur penalties, including the obligation to pay interest as mentioned in section 234 of the Income […]

Self-Assessment Tax: A Guide for Every Taxpayer

Introduction: At the conclusion of each fiscal year, taxpayers are required to review their financial records to ascertain any outstanding taxes, which must be settled subsequent to TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) and advance tax payments. This outstanding tax, referred to as self-assessment tax, necessitates computation and prompt payment by the taxpayer to evade penalties. […]

Section 115BA: Everything you need to know

Introduction: While conducting market research and business planning is an important step, understanding tax obligations from the outset is equally important. It is particularly important to familiarize yourself with Section 115BA of the Income Tax Act as it sets out the tax structure of businesses like yours. Section 115BA of the Income Tax Act, introduced […]